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PY-950/1200 Automatic Roll Die-Cutting & Creasing Machine

product description:
PY-950/1200 is an ideal and professional machine in die-cutting,creasing,embossing and full-stripping various PE coated paper, normal paper, corrugating paper and plastic material. It applies to paper cup,paper box,medical package,wine package,food package and other environmental protection products.It adopts micro-computer,HMI,servo positioning,alternating current frequency converter,automatic counting,photoelectric rectifying,pneumatic lock cutting plate,electromagnetic clutch,centralized oil lubrication,,overload protection and distinctive gearing.All of these is the guarantee of steady pressure,precise positioning,smooth running,safety and reliability operation.

Technical Specification:




Cut Precision:

± 0.10mm

Production capacity

90-140 times/min

Maximum cutting size:

950 x540mm

950 x640mmWidened

1200 x650mm

1200 x750mm

Max Paper Convey Width:



Suitable Material:

100-800g/m2 Coated paper, white cardboard and so on

Maximum Pressure:


Total Power:



Total Weight:



Overall Dimension:

4200 x 2100 x 1850 mm

4200 x 2300 x 1850 mm

Working Air Source:

Air pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa (Need to buy compressor)

Main Feature:
1.The working speed is 90-140times per minute,the level of the capacity in China is 120times per minute. It has the ability to die-cutting,creasing and embossing for various shapes.

2.Paper conveyed by servo motor to ensures steady and accurate conveying.photoelectricity sensor checks the color code of printing to ensure fix the paper position accurately.

3.Electric control system uses PLC and HMI. Equipped with safety refinements to make acousto - optical alarming and auto stop when some faults.
4.Worm wheel and worm transmission system ensures the powerful and steady pressure;It is very convenient and accurate to adjust pressure through HMI.

5.Lubricating with oil circulation and alarming when lack of oil to ensure smooth running and prolong the machine life.

6.The die-cutting frame uses pneumatic locking system to convenient operation. Die-cutting down steel board from Taiwan is accurate and lasts forever.
7.It adapts electric control pneumatic clutch to protect the machine when start and emergency stop..The flywheel provides a mounting location to the clutch and also can increase the pressure.
Advantage and improvement:

1.Machine Host. New design: Worm and Worm wheel together with crankshaft same as the sheet die-cutting machine. The previous design: off-center shaft.

2.Pressure Adjusted. New design: The pressure is automatic adjusted through the motor to control the four feet by HMI.And the pressure can be shown in the HMI.It is very convenient and accurate. The previous design: manual adjusted through gear wheel or the screw.

3.Oil circuit. New design: The oil circuit adds a filter to clear the oil and a flow switch to monitor lacking oil. The previous oil circuit is crude and confused.(the first machinery equips with alarming of oil lacked)

4.The main driving parts in host is protected by the lubrication system.If the data beyonds the setted data,the machine will stop and alarming.Then you must check the driving parts

5.Paper conveying Equipped with suction system to guarantee the paper feeding flat and stably.We are the first one and the only one machinery who adds this system.

6.PLC program:The new design:We make two PLC program to fit for the different quality of printing.Be more functional and accurate.
Roll Paper Loading: The new design: the hydraulic cylinder pushes downward,so it is stronger than the previous design.

7.Paper blocked alarm system.The new design add the alarm system to make the machine stop when paper feeding blocked.

Components Brand:


Main motor


Servo motor


Stepper motor


Pressure adjusting motor


Electric elements

Servo driver




Frequency converter


All other electrical parts


Photoelectric switch




Main air cylinder


Solenoid valve and other parts


pneumatic clutch



main bearing


P.S. If different width, we can do it according to your requirement.