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ML-550G Automatic Side Sealing Shrink Packaging Machine

1.ML-550G is our self-developed automatic edge sealing machine, assembly line for high volume packaging, automatic feed conveying, into the bag, seal a one-time, complete efficiency.
2.The vertical sealing gantry frame structure, both sides of the linear guide makes the cutting force balance, frame deformation. Seal cutter made of high quality steel coating Teflon treatment, sealing without mucosal firm seal, sealing no smoke, no pollution.
3.The edge seal thermostatic side sealing knife, sealing straight and firmly. The length of the packaging is not limited, Widening thicker film feeding conveyor belt use, long life, and easy to replace.
4.It adopts PLC programmable controller, equipped with horizontal; vertical two photodetectors; can achieve high speed; unmanned automatic operation.
5.Product specification conversion easy adjustment, it can easily accomplished by simply adjusting the track, easy to operate simple.
6.Directly connected with production line machine.
7.With protection to prevent accidental cutting packaging and protect the operator safety.
8.Can be optional or customized front-end power feed conveyor line according to the user.

Main Technical Parameters:
Packaging Materials: POF,PVC
Thickness×Broadband: 0.012-0.05×200-500 coil diameter
Power Supply: 220V/60HZ
Power: 5.8KW
Production Capacity: 0-20Pcs/min
Systolic Velocity: 0-10m/min
Total Weight: 570Kg
Barometric Pressure: 0.5mpa 
Max Packing Size: L450×W350×H100mm
Dimensions: 3760×905×1400mm
The Main Material: Carbon steel spray treatment