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ML-550A automatic heat shrink packing machine

Scope of application:Pharmaceutical, food, beverage, stationery, printing, cosmetics, gifts, electronic products, toys, etc

Technical parameters:

Sealing and cutting form:L type fully enclosed type
Power Supply:380V/50-60Hz / 3phase
Top speed:35 bags per minute
Packing height:≤125mm
Packing width:≤320mm
Packing size:Width + height ≤400mm    Length + height ≤480mm
Use thin film:POF center-folded film
Maximum film:530mm(width) ×280mm (OD)
Total power:1.5kW
Platform height:780-850mm
Air pressure:≤0.5MPa(5 bar)
Sealing and cutting system:Constant temperature heating system, easy to replace the knife, seal cut without smoke without odor
Main material:Stainless steel
Power source:380V/50-60Hz / 3phase
Conveying speed:Adjustable,40m/min
Conveyor belt:Chain belt
Total power:7KW
Platform height:780-850mm
Main material:Carbon steel